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Celebrate 4/20 With 10 Smoking Hot Weed Queens of Instagram

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Happy #Harvest Time! ????: Raymond Christian #queenofconcentrates #picsfrommydayjob #tahoeog #socal #smokesmodel A post shared by Cannabis Cover Girl (@sarahjain420) on Nov 16, 2015 at 5:53pm PST " tml-render-layout="inline">We're going to be blunt: Not all stoners look like your college roommate who got blazed and passed out on a Taco Bell bag.Coinciding with a tide of marijuana legalization across the country, sexy stoners like @sarahjain420, @ganjabunny710 and @misscannabiscourtney have been cropping up on Instagram, popularizing cannabis-centric hashtags like #GirlsWhoSmokeWeed and #GanjaGirls and showing us that hotties can get high too.As Americans stock up for the 4/20 holiday, we leave you with...
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