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KFC Salted Egg Curry Fried Chicken! Chocolate Hazelnut Egg Tarts, Cheese Fries | Eating Show Mukbang

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KFC GOLDSPICE CHICKEN! ???????????????? Eating KFC's new Salted Egg and Curry Fried Chicken, and Chocolate Hazelnut Portuguese Egg Tarts. ► My Merch Store: ► Help support my channels on Patreon ► My Eating Channel: ► My Drawing Channel: Food bought from Kentucky Fried Chicken Singapore. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching! Check out more of my eating videos below! Fried Chicken Mukbang Eating Shows Texas / Church's Spicy Mala Chicken KFC Cheesy Stacker Zinger Burgers KFC Zinger Tortilla Wraps KFC Mac and Cheese!! Popeye's Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwiches McDonald's Mukbang Eating Show...
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